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Heavy copper workshop


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Shenzhen XinDaHui Electronics Co., Ltd. located in the Science and technology capital of the world Shenzhen city was established in 2008

Our factory have an area of about 3960 square meters, focusing on the production of high-precision, double-layer, multi-layer, aluminum substrate circuit manufacturing technology, master the industry a variety of production technology, production process and production process control technology, and has a production technology development team.

Product line

1-28 layers, multi-layer board, aluminum base board, thick copper board, FPC board, high frequency board and other special PCB board, which can meet a variety of customer needs.

We are used in communication equipment, computers, instrumentation, control, power electronics, household appliances, automobiles, medical equipment, security electronics, aerospace and other fields


Our monthly capacity can reach 15,000-20,000 square meters, monthly production varieties can reach more than 80,000,


IS09002 certification issued by SGS Company and the QS9000 certification &IS9002 certification issued by the British General Notary Company.

Operation principl

"fast", "stable" quality, service "excellent” adhering to fast acting high quality, optimize service, craftsman's spirit



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